Tired and worn out by the demands of modern living? Not enough time for exercise or eating well? Want to improve your lifestyle but not sure how? Then read on….find out why our retreat may be perfect for you.

Your health investment: all chronic diseases have one thing in common- a high rate of lifestyle involvement – and that even applies to cancer, heart disease or dementia – the big diseases we would all rather avoid. The things that you can change are your diet, stress levels, exercise, sleep, exposure to toxins (in the environment, food and water) and more. A big injection of healthy living may be just what the doctor ordered.

Because you’re worth it: yes you really are! We live in abundant but stressful times with work, life and family pressures. The benefits of technology don’t always equate to more time saved. You owe it to yourself to try a little self-care and nothing else comes close to taking some time out for good food and exercise. When you return to the fold you will be so much better equipped to deal with day to day stresses.

Fantastic food prepared for you: we have personal chefs on our week long retreats. These ladies are highly experienced and real foodies so you can be sure of maximum flavour, variety and wonderful ingredients. Our guests say the exquisite meals are amazing and would like to take Tracey and Kate home with them!

And breathe… enjoy yoga every day. In a week you will notice an improvement in your strength, coordination and flexibility. Jenny is an Iyengar trained yoga teacher who inspires you to work within your own range and go just that little bit further. Suitable both for beginners and advanced yoga practice, the fully equipped, airy and light yoga studio is a joy to work in.

Take your fitness up a gear: what luxury – you’ve time for lots of exercise with nothing to distract you.  We will offer a range of fitness classes, using both the studio and and outside exercise areas. 

Beautiful location: situated in the mountains of Tarifa in Southern Spain, this retreat is fabulous! The sunny climate is perfect for outdoor living whether you are relaxing on the terrace, walking on the beach or hiking in the mountains. Tarifa old town is a short drive away and the nearest airport is Gibralter, making it a convenient trip from the UK.

Luxury living: La Pena is a stunning white washed villa with beautiful architecture, set in 2 acres of tranquil grounds.  Relax on sunbeds or outdoor sofas on the communal terrace, which is centred around a small infinity pool. From the outdoor dining area are spectacular views where you can look out to sea and beyond. We have a full size indoor pool and open plan indoor living space which is tastefully appointed.

Fresh sea and mountain air: walking is a fantastic exercise for health and fitness and so is included in our programme on a daily basis. Some days we set off on foot from the villa, whilst other times we may be dropped off at location to take in different views and experiences. The sandy beach is a 20 minute walk away. Mountains are on your door step.

No alcohol ( and you really won’t miss it): Ok so some of you freak out at the thought of this… but really, we want you to be bright eyed and bushy tailed to enjoy a higher level of fitness than you are used to. Alcohol really won’t help you jump out of bed in the morning, and there are so many lovely things to do that you will hardly give it a thought…

Rest and relaxation: There is time throughout the day to enjoy a good book, check your social media (we have wifi!) or chat with friends. Most people turn in by around 10pm for a good night’s sleep to awaken feeling refreshed, revitalised and raring to go!

Want to join us this year? Dates are 14 – 21 October, and the nearest airport is Gibralter (transfer is 40 minutes). If so, drop us a line to Jenny@InspiredNutrition.co.uk to register your interest.

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