What you choose to eat, drink and even think has a direct effect on your body chemistry, for better or for worse. But with so much conflicting information around food, who can you trust? And how do you put healthy eating into practice?

I’ve written Eat to OUTSMART Cancer to give you those answers. As a Qualified Nutritionist and ex-cancer patient, I show you how to create your own good health. One bite at a time. Can’t cook or short on time? No problem! You’ll be inspired to makes changes that are easy, fast and fabulous.

What people say..

“It is packed with tons of advice to help you to prevent or fight the big C, with recipes, advice, and supplement and exercise tips.”

“This excellent book explains how nutrition can be used to support recovery, reduce the risk of a recurrence and / or be used preventatively. What I like about this book – is that the author clearly explains the science around eating and lifestyle choices in a simple and accessible way and that all her suggestions are compatible with conventional treatment…”

“Rob and I have been reading your book ‘Eat to Outsmart Cancer’. We have found it to be such an easy book to read (some are so complex) and would recommend it to anyone living with cancer”

“Your book is honestly one of the best i have read. So informative and so well written.”

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