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Intenzyme Forte™ is a potent source of both plant and animal based enzymes that are an effective combination to break down aberrant proteins, hence the term “proteolytic enzymes”.

Proteolytic enzymes provide all-natural and highly effective support for systemic or localised inflammation and discomfort such as muscle soreness. The key, however, is that in order to benefit from an enzymes proteolytic actions, it must be taken on an empty stomach. If taken with food, the enzyme will work as a digestive aid instead.

Intenzyme Forte™ is a broad spectrum nutritional supplement capable of exerting influence over a variety of physiological and biochemical mechanisms, including: inflammatory processes, numerous pathways of protein metabolism, hormone processing, digestive processes, food sensitivities, immune system support, and healthy circulatory system support.

Intenzyme Forte™ also has the ability to break down mucous secretions, particularly if they have been thinned with the supplementary iodine, such as seen in Liquid Iodine Forte™ or Iodizyme-HP™, first. This can be an excellent adjunct for patients with colds or sinus congestion.


Intenzyme Forte™ is an extremely well-rounded, broad spectrum proteolytic formula. For over 30 years, thousands of healthcare practitioners have relied on the safe, effective, and reliable results that this optimally balanced formula offers

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