Epsom salts 2kg


Local Remedy Pure Mineral Epsom Salt. 100% high-grade magnesium sulphate supplied in a re-sealable eco friendly bag. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE

Benefits of using Epsom Salt:

  • Helps replenish magnesium levels in the body
  • Relaxes stiff, aching muscles
  • Detoxifies the body & reduces water retention
  • Aids sleep
  • Soothes a tired mind after a stressful day


Known for its many health benefits Epsom Salt is made up of the two minerals magnesium and sulphate. Both minerals are essential for health and play differing roles within the body. Magnesium is needed to regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes including the normal functioning of muscles; hence an Epsom Salt bath helping to relax aching muscles and relieve pain.

Sulphate is also necessary for many biological processes including a natural detoxication system called sulfation. This major detoxification process allows the body to eliminate both endogenous and environmental toxins from within. Sulfate literally helps flush out toxins by drawing them out through the skin.

The high levels of magnesium & sulphate in our Epsom salt are easily absorbed and soaking in a bath for 20 minutes is a great way of benefiting from both the detoxifying properties whilst toping up your magnesium levels.

Instructions for use:

Dissolve 200-300g (2-3 large cupfuls) into a warm bath & relax in the water for around 20 minutes. Avoid using soap & shampoo during your soak to maximise mineral absorption & detoxification. (Use soap at the end)

Ideal for foot spas just add a large handful

For an intense muscle soak add 500g per bath


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Magnesium Sulphate.


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