Community event- can you eat yourself well?


Tuesday 21 March

The Memorial Hall, Downley

Join us for an evening of health & inspiration! All proceeds from this event will be donated to South Bucks Hospice

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Are you struggling with chronic health symptoms, or do you worry about how to protect your health in the future? Then join us for an evening of inspiration with Jenny Phillips – nutritionist, author & cancer survivor

With our media constantly rammed with health and diet information, you’d think we’d all be abundantly clear on how we should eat. But the reality is, for most people, that the whole arena of food and nutrition is totally confusing. The reason? So many of the messages are conflicting, and TV advertising is a dominant force in educating us around food, which of course has its own agenda.

So the question is, can you really eat yourself well or is it all just hype? In this talk, Jenny will share her experience of recovering from cancer, and present some of the research into the role of nutrition alongside cancer treatment and in prevention.

Another great example of ‘food as medicine’ is the work of Prof Dale Bredesen in the US. For the first time he is reversing early stage cognitive decline, even in people with an increased disease risk. Meanwhile a GP based in Manchester, Dr David Unwin, is making his own headlines by reversing diabetes in many of his patients. And Dr Terry Wahls has reversed MS through diet.

Jenny will cover the latest nutritional science which goes beyond the current eating guidelines, and show how small changes can yield significant benefits. Leave encouraged with the knowledge of how you can give yourself the gift of better health, vitality and energy for many decades to come.

“Food is the best medicine for chronic disease. It works faster and better, and is cheaper than medication. And all the side effects are good ones” Dr Mark Hyman


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