What to wear:
Leggings or tracksuit bottoms, T shirt, barefeet. Long hair may be tied back.


Classes can be booked by the half term, which is usually 6 or 7 weeks, or by the session. Fees are £8.50 per class in advance, or £10 on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Initially you are welcome to borrow a yoga mat, or bring your own. Once you are comfortable that you enjoy the class and would like to come regularly, you could consider investing in some additional equipment. This can be purchased online, we recommend Yoga Mad here

Yoga mat – 4 blocks – a belt – 2 bricks (optional)
You may also like to bring a blanket or towel to rest you head in relaxation.



Yoga is a fantastic way both to exercise and keep yourself healthy. Most people think that yoga makes them more flexible, which of course it does! But it also strengthens and lengthens muscles, burns calories, keeps joints healthy and reduces stress (studies have shown that yoga reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol).

Jenny Phillips is trained in Iyengar yoga. It is based on the work of BKS Iyengar, who lived a full and healthy life until the age of 95. We focus on alignment in the postures, and use supports such as blocks, bricks and a belt (able to borrow) so that everyone can access the class irrespective of ability.

Please contact me to book your first class (07904 438411). 

Classes in Downley near High Wycombe

Address: Downley Memorial Hall (next to Starlight Stores), High Street, Downley HP13 5XJ

Tuesday 9:30am – 10:45am 

Tuesday 6:15pm – 7:25pm  
Tuesday 7:35pm – 8:45pm
Friday     9:30am – 10:45am 

How to book:
Please contact Jenny by text or email to check availability – 07904 438411 or Jenny@InspiredNutrition.co.uk

Weekend workshops & retreats: 

For more info please contact me as above.


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