Outsmart Cancer Workshops

The power of nutrition in prevention & alongside treatment

This is the perfect place for a little ‘get away from it all’ time. The workshop mixes lots of nutrition & lifestyle information with an appreciation of the importance of nourishing the mind as well as the body.

You will find yourself mixing with like minded people, sharing experiences (if you wish) and enjoying yourself! The emphasis is on empowering you to take charge of your own health, whatever your current health situation.

Come on your own or bring a friend or relative, and know that you will be made to feel very welcome. And the best bit? A fabulous lunch is included!

We will soon be scheduling the next date for the workshop. Please email to be informed



This workshop is for you if:

  • You are interested in cancer prevention
  • You are currently on a cancer journey
  • Having had cancer you are striving to reduce the risk of recurrence
  • You are interested  in health or are a health professional
  • You are supporting a family member or friend

We will cover:

  • What is cancer? Know your enemy and its points of weakness
  • How to create an internal environment which supports healthy cells
  • Why the current dietary guidelines can hinder you, and what you really should be eating
  • What evidence is there to support this stance?
  • How do I handle controversies – meat? dairy? alcohol? organic? grains?

Eat to OUTSMART Cancer is a workshop to give you information, but also to inspire you to a more conscious and enlightened path to health. Each class is led by Jenny Phillips, a Qualified Nutritionist, author & public speaker, who shares her own experience of surviving cancer through an integrative approach. You will leave with a renewed vigor to embrace the healing power of food, and our daytime classes also include a delicious, colourful and healthy lunch.

The workshop is based on Jenny’s book – Eat to OUTSMART Cancer – available here

Please note: there may be some provision for those who are unable to pay and are currently going through a cancer journey, please email Jenny@InspiredNutrition.co.uk and we will see if it possible to help you.


“Thank you so much for a positive and nourishing day. I learnt so much from you & the other participants. It is really good to share and meet like minds.”

“Fantastic ‘Eat to Outsmart Cancer’ meeting today held in Nottingham. Thanks to Melanie & Steve from Together Against Cancer for organising this breath of fresh air. Our speaker Jenny Philips was absolutely top notch and the sound nutritional information was in-depth and easy to understand and implement. The interaction was relaxing, fun, practical and encouraging. I just cannot praise this event high enough.”

“Thankyou for helping us understand the connection between cancer and the foods we eat. It gave me more insight into how important it is to eat a healthy diet. It was explained in laymans terms which was very easy to understand. It has encouraged and inspired me to eat healthy again as I fell off the wagon.  Thank you once again”
“Thank you for today’s workshop. It was really interesting to understand more about nutrition and why some foods are better than others. Although my diet is quite good, you can be sure I shall be making some changes as a result of your advice, knowing that the changes will stand me in good stead not just during the rest of my treatment and my recovery but also into my advancing years. No-one else has explained nutrition to me as clearly as you did so thank you very much.”
Thank you Jenny for an excellent workshop last week.  I have changed much of my diet (kicked out wheat and sugar, bought in green veg, etc) and although it wasn’t the aim to lose weight (albeit very needed) I have lost almost 4lbs, no hunger pains, no sugar/chocolate craving, and no need to eat between meals
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