Eat to outsmart cancer book

The essential guide to avoiding, recovering or preventing a cancer recurrence.

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Eat to Outsmart cancer book

The must have nutrition book for cancer prevention and recovery.


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When I first saw Jenny I had been told I had months to live. Jenny’s help has made a huge difference to my well being and quality of life. She not only radically transformed my diet but consequently improved both my physical and my mental state. Her advice has enabled me to live with cancer and outlive the estimation I was given. Jenny is very supportive, she is happy to work with hospital consultants and explains everything clearly to you.

I was very recently diagnosed with skin cancer . I immediately started to research the causes and cure, and was recommended to read “Eat to Outsmart Cancer “. Having read it I immediately changed my eating habits and already feel so much more positive.There is so much information available on the internet on this subject, yet this book explains all aspects in a very concise easy to understand manner , and is professionally researched.
I would highly recommend this book for everybody to read and understand the importance of diet and lifestyle at this present time.

I have had the pleasure of engaging Jenny not only as a Nutritional therapist but also as a speaker at my networking events. Jenny is highly trained, very skilled and extremely proficient in her field. Jenny has 1st hand experience of using diet to overcome the negative effects of cancer and to continue to live a very full and fulfilling life. Jenny is an excellent speaker, her passion and experience engage and captivate the audience and leave them wanting more. I highly recommend Jenny for both speaking and nutritional advice.