Whatever your health concerns or symptoms, Nutritional Medicine works with your body to restore optimal health. We assess you holistically and identify the potential root causes of your health issues, sometimes using clinical testing. We then prescribe real food, nutraceuticals and lifestyle interventions. A nutritional approach is also effective in prevention, and we can help you to significantly increase your likelihood of a vibrant and happy future.

Prior to the consultation
You will receive an email confirming the agreed appointment with full address details or skype/ phone information, and attaching a health form. You can either complete and submit this via email or print a copy and return via the mail. Whilst most people attend the consultation on their own, some people may prefer to bring a partner or friend for morale support, especially in complex health cases.

The consultation
You will be greeted by one of our highly qualified nutritionists and taken to a private consultation room. Where skype/ phone is preferred, the call is pre-scheduled.

Your nutritionist will be prepared with the information you have submitted and has reviewed this prior to meeting you. From here we will invite you to discuss your health concerns as you see them, and how well any therapies or diets have worked for you in the past. We will then tailor nutritional information and advice to your specific needs. In most cases, the first consultation will focus on dietary factors and guidance in implementing changes in everyday life. You will receive a printed booklet which includes menu ideas. We can also advise on relevant cookbooks to help you in the kitchen. We can also discuss clinical testing if this is appropriate, particularly in the case of complex conditions. These are an investment but can yield very specific information thus saving time and resources. At the end of the consultation we review how we can work together and can offer tailored packages of varying levels of support.

Follow up consultation
For nutrition to be most effective, we highly recommend that you sign up to one of our follow up packages.
Relatively straightforward cases can benefit from regular meet ups, usually monthly. We can support people with more complex conditions and offer a bespoke service, which includes integrating with their medical team.

Initial inquiry via phone or email – no charge

First consultation:
Individual – 75 minutes (£120)
Couples – 90 minutes (£160)

Personal session within your own home – to focus on a pre-determined agenda which may include personal consultation, shopping guidance, development of specific eating plans, cooking and recipes, kitchen detox (replacing current staples with advice on healthier alternatives) discussion with other family members or friends as required – 3 hours 30 minutes (£500 plus expenses)

Follow up consultations:
To get the best results from nutritional therapy, we encourage you to consider joining one of our support packages – see rates below (these apply for individuals, please ask for couples rates)

Alternatively, you can pay as you go, 1 hour (£95)

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