Nourish to Flourish

A 2 hour workshop to set you free from food confusion

With our media constantly rammed with health and diet information, you’d think we’d all be abundantly clear on how we should eat. But the reality is, for most people, that the whole arena of food and nutrition is totally confusing. The reason? So many of the messages are conflicting, and TV advertising is a dominant force in educating us around food, which of course has its own agenda.

Many enlightened doctors – like Dr Chatterjee aka the BBC Doctor in the House – believe that some of the key dietary advice over the last 40 years is not helping – in particular an over reliance on refined & processed foods, and a phobia against fat. In this brilliant video he explains how food can actually address the root cause of chronic disease.

We have worked with many hundreds of people over the last 7 years and every time see staggering changes in health. And the real beauty is that the foods we advocate are totally delicious!

How to make diseases disappear – A TED talk by Dr Rangan Chatterjee

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This workshop is for you if?

  • You want to make a step change in your own health, or to lose weight
  • You want to provide good food for your family
  • You are confused by dietary advice
  • You are short on time and need to reset your habits
  • You want to age with health, vitality and agility

What we will cover?

  • Overfed & undernourished – potential hazards in 21st century eating
  • The science – how food can either sap or boost your energy
  • The food groups – why we need fats, carbs and proteins
  • A food plan for health
  • Shopping lists and planning

About your workshop leader

Jenny Phillips has been running group nutrition classes since 2010. She is a skilled facilitator and strives to make you feel at ease so that you get the most from the session. Her depth of knowledge enables you to dig as deep as you need to be on board and make changes which could relaunch your life!

Private option: this workshop can also be set up privately for a group of friends (minimum 4 people) at a time to suit you


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