Many people can feel overwhelmed as they go through a cancer journey. On the one hand the mainstream medical approach may suggest doing nothing alongside treatment. On the other, well meaning friends and loved ones may be offering lots of suggestions of things they may have heard or read. And then there’s the internet, simply bursting with ideas of the latest cancer cures. Trouble is there are so many options out there, and many conflicting viewpoints, that this can send you into a tail spin of confusion.

So where do you go for expert advice?

Having been through cancer myself I’m fully aware of the path that you’re currently treading. And through my own recovery I’ve been researching how not to get cancer again, which has enabled me to develop expertise in the area of diet & lifestyle.

Whilst your medical teams have brilliant resources to combat the cancer cells in your body, our role is somewhat different. Together we explore your underlying health and determine a plan to create your best health either alongside or beyond treatment.

Typically our first session will explore your health history and current situation. I follow a functional matrix, developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). This focuses on you as an individual to determine your current health strengths and weaknesses, deduced from an understanding of symptoms both past and present. Where functional medicine differs from the mainstream is that we strive to get below the symptoms and determine root cause imbalances which can be addressed with diet & lifestyle. Follow up sessions will then allow us to progress towards your health goals.

To give an example, before diagnosis I thought I was really pretty healthy. But the truth was I just used to pop a number of over the counter medications to deal with niggly little symptoms like asthma, indigestion, pain, sleep issues and regular bouts of colds & flu. My recovery didn’t just involve getting rid of the cancer (though I am forever grateful to my medical teams for their skills here). I became involved in creating my own health programme with the result that 13 years later I am fitter, healthier and more active than I ever was before, without the need for any medications because all of my niggly little symptoms have resolved.

So if you’re feeling you need an expert coach to guide you on reclaiming your health, please get in touch and make an appointment. The cost of this is £120. In cases of hardship it may be possible to apply for funding through a charitable body, please ask for details.

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Kind words

“When I first saw Jenny I had been told I had months to live. Jenny’s help has made a huge difference to my well being and quality of life. She not only radically transformed my diet but consequently improved both my physical and my mental state. Her advice has enabled me to live with cancer and outlive the estimation I was given. Jenny is very supportive, she is happy to work with hospital consultants and explains everything clearly to you”.

Denise, High Wycombe

“I was convinced my autoimmune condition and subsequent inflammation must have played a role in how my cancer developed. Fortunately, Jenny was there as an alternative adjunct to what I was getting from my conventional doctors and was able to provide me with a nutrition program that complimented my main-stream therapy. She is experienced at dealing with cancer, well versed in the theories and ideas for treating it and was able to provide many useful leads for high quality supplements. Jenny is firmly in the “common sense” camp, practicing safe, conservative alternate medicine.”

Greg, High Wycombe

“I saw my oncologist yesterday and the first thing he remarked on is how well I look!!  I continue to eat well and have gained a small amount of weight, take the supplements and walk this through with a loving, faithful God who gives me peace, strength and so much more for each day.”

Dawn, Swindon


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