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You have given me a really good framework to build on and I truly believe that with your help I can get my mind and body to the best its ever been. A big thank you for all your help so far

Jo, Hertfordshire

Jenny Phillips has been an invaluable asset to my medical team. She takes an integrative and holistic approach, leaving no stone unturned! Jenny recommended blood tests, a cortisol test and a genetics test, all of which helped us to pinpoint where my body was struggling and where support was needed in the form of dietary changes and supplements. She is very good at explaining complex medical test results in an easy to understand way so you don’t just know what you need to do, but also why. Jenny also privately referred me onto a doctor specialising in functional medicine as my health issues were quite complex. Jenny is lovely and supportive and puts you at ease during consultations. I still have a way to go in my recovery but I believe with Jenny’s continued involvement in my medical care I will continue to make progress!

I highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is facing health issues!

Lauren, High wycombe

When I first saw Jenny I had been told I had months to live. Jenny’s help has made a huge difference to my well being and quality of life. She not only radically transformed my diet but consequently improved both my physical and my mental state. Her advice has enabled me to live with cancer and outlive the estimation I was given. Jenny is very supportive, she is happy to work with hospital consultants and explains everything clearly to you.

Denise, High Wycombe

I can highly recommend Jenny for all matters concerning nutrition, lifestyle and optimum health. Jenny takes a pragmatic and practical approach to good nutrition and exudes an enthusiasm about healthy eating that just seems to rub off on everyone she works with! She has helped clients to achieve amazing transformations and turnarounds in their health and their lives. Jenny will truly support you to reach your aims

Amanda, Beaconsfield

Prior to seeing Jenny, I thought I ate well (No ‘junk’ food and I ate Veg, Pasta, and Fruit), yet I could not understand why I was constantly exhausted.
After Jenny reviewed my diet and gave me understandable explanations, I could see that the food I was eating was not fuelling me and was actually depleting my energy. Jenny provided me with new options and easy changes that fitted in with my busy lifestyle.
I am now feeling energized and not constantly power napping as soon as I get home from work.

Virginia, Hungerford

I was convinced my autoimmune condition and subsequent inflammation must have played a role in how my cancer developed. Fortunately, Jenny was there as an alternative adjunct to what I was getting from my conventional doctors and was able to provide me with a nutrition program that complimented my main-stream therapy. She is experienced at dealing with cancer, well versed in the theories and ideas for treating it and was able to provide many useful leads for high quality supplements. Jenny is firmly in the “common sense” camp, practicing safe, conservative alternate medicine.

Greg, High Wycombe

I went to see Jenny for help with a variety of chronic health issues caused by a Lyme disease infection. After reading through my health questionnaire she knew exactly which complaints could be improved with nutritional intervention and the laboratory tests Jenny recommended precisely confirmed her conclusions. Jenny gave me friendly, emphatic and straight forward advice. By following her economical health programme my health instantly improved and now nine months later I feel much stronger and have a better understanding of how I can manage my health by myself. I highly recommend a visit to Jenny!

Stephanie, High Wycombe

I saw my oncologist yesterday and the first thing he remarked on is how well I look!!  I continue to eat well and have gained a small amount of weight, take the supplements and walk this through with a loving, faithful God who gives me peace, strength and so much more for each day.

Dawn, Swindon

I greatly enjoyed working with Jenny. I have benefitted from improved energy levels, a better sleep pattern and my digestion is much more regular. Her knowledge of nutritional matters is exceptional, and she imparted it in an understandable and sympathetic manner. I would highly recommend her.

Barbara, Essex

I am amazed at how much better in myself I feel, before seeing you I felt very despondent. So I can’t thank you enough for the support and motivation you have given me.

Denise, High Wycomb

Before working with Jenny I’d had many years of chronic stomach pain.  My GP did her best, but after several prescriptions and an ultra-sound to rule out gall stones, I was sent away.  Having done some research, I found peppermint tea was helpful, but once a month or so it would rear its ugly (and painful) head and I’d have to cancel work and go to bed for a day.  Then I went to see Jenny.  Within about 4 minutes (and having looked at the results of my blood test) Jenny had identified the problem and suggested some supplements.  A few months on and I’m almost pain-free.  I can’t believe how easy it was for Jenny to help me.  She’s a genius and has honestly changed my life.

Liz, Henley

Thanks Jenny for your constant & positive encouragement – it does make such a difference! Feel good too – amazing – every 3/4 weeks another little boost/bonus pops up- either it’s a fitness level or an apparently sudden loss of inches meaning I can get into clothes that the previous month (literally that short a timescale) were too tight!  It’s really quite amazing & success definitely does lead to more motivation & commitment.

Jackie, High Wycombe

After years of feeling constantly under the weather, and wearing me down until I thought I was getting depression, it’s all changed. A 10 min introductory appointment with Jenny gave me real hope, I knew she understood me and wanted to help.
Why did I not do it years ago? What a relief. I am now 9 years younger in my metabolic age, nearly 1 1/2 stone lighter and much healthier and happier.
The difference is amazing. Thank you Jenny. You are spot on and just what I needed.

Julie, Aylesbury

Having suffered with a malignant bladder tumour and the after effects of chemotherapy, my eating regime was seriously out of alignment. I was overweight, felt sluggish and suffered with Candida. Realising my diet was out of my control, I signed up for the Metabolic Balance eating regime with Jenny Phillips.
This was a turning point in my life. Once I had had a blood test and the eating plan put together for me, I had an in depth discussion with Jenny about the plan and the foods I should eat. Within 2 weeks of following the plan, the weight started to fall away, slowly at first but gradually coming off until I have now lost more than 18lb and am at the correct weight for my height of 4’10”. Within days of following the plan, my whole attitude to life changed, I became more positive, my moods have been better and my brain has been able to think more clearly. My sleep pattern, which was erratic, has become stable and I am now able to enjoy hours of uninterrupted sleep. I feel an excitement and zest for life once more – something which I had forgotten! With the excess weight having been shed, I am able to move more freely and willingly choose to walk up stairs – where I would once have taken the lift! The eating regime has also helped me to get the Candida under control and for this alone the plan would have been worth it.
Personally, I cannot speak highly enough of Metabolic Balance and the assistance I have received in achieving my weight goal and the goal of feeling well again! If there was any resistance at all it was within the first two days – which I found the most difficult – but the perseverance paid off! I now have a plan for life – which is allowing me to live my life to the full!

Tara, High Wycombe

Just to let you know how amazing my children are doing since following Jenny’s advice.  My son Evan has a dairy allergy and suffers with asthma and hayfever and intolerance to sugars, gets ill all the time. I also have another son who can’t eat wheat and another daughter who also suffers with dairy and allergies. Needless to say looking after three children with allergies and poor immune systems has been stressful and upsetting at times.  I have been seeing a homeopath for 5 years with them and she recommended Jenny.  I was a bit sceptical at first, but I have to say within 10 days of following Jenny’s advice, Evan for the first time in 5 years did a solid poo, had no horrible smells and was so excited as he found going to toilet at school a trauma.
I followed Jenny’s advice to the letter for 1 month with all children, i.e. no wheat, gluten or dairy, only 2 pieces of fruit a day, a combination of vitamins and probiotics and introducing more nuts, and other recipes that she gave me.  I am so pleased to write this and say 4 months on Evan has been able to eat cheese and a bit of chocolate although funny enough he doesn’t like it as he is not used to dairy, he likes soya!  No coughs or colds or bad moods etc, skin and hair looks better and so far no hayfever!  I am going to continue restricting wheat for a year, and also to give them the vitamins and probiotics.  I wish I had met Jenny earlier!  It has been very expensive for us as I don’t work only my hubby does, but it’s the best money I have spent and so worthwhile.


Gina, Bourne End

Jenny has helped me to transform my life. Although not seriously unwell, I was generally very tired, and kept getting coughs and colds and recurrent UTIs. I saw different GPs and eventually an urology consultant who could not help me with my UTIs, they just put it down to one of those things. I didn’t accept that aged 28, I was suddenly just prone to UTIs or suddenly my urethra was too narrow! Repeated use of antibiotics to treat the UTIs were running me down also. No doctor could help me and obviously I followed all of the usual advice. A friend recommended Jenny and she put me on what at the time seemed a strict food regime. It was a bit difficult at first, as I really had to think about what I was eating, what ingredients were in prepared food and had to alter my own recipes and habits. After a couple of weeks, I was getting used to it and was feeling better already in myself, more energetic, which was more consistent throughout the day. I also felt more in control of myself. It seems silly now, but Jenny has obviously highlighted to me that what I eat directly influences my well being and certain foods may contribute to/exacerbate my ill health and other foods can mitigate against. I feel more in control of my body and also empowered with knowing specifically what to eat. I haven’t had a UTI since working with Jenny (6 months now) so I’m over the moon. I  have just come back from holiday which was a big milestone for me as the last holiday I went on I had a terrible UTI and I was so worried about it happening again. But it didn’t! I am now on a less strict diet, but some things I have changed for good, because I feel so energetic, less bloated, and haven’t had a cold for a long time! Which is saying something because I work with children. Thank you Jenny.

Fiona, Oxfordshire

I wanted to e-mail you as I genuinely cannot thank you enough for helping me get to feel so fit again.  Whilst the (amazing) weight loss is great, the major benefit for me is that I simply feel so much better – less tired, more balanced, sleep so much better, skin less itchy etc etc. What prompted me to ping you was that I really wanted to get back on with the food plan after the Christmas period – unlike all the ‘diets’ I’ve been on before when the last thing I wanted to do was start them again.  Whilst we didn’t go too silly over the holiday period (as evidenced by  today’s scales) we did quite rightly enjoy ourselves – but I did end up feeling a bit more lethargic, slept worse, had a bit of indigestion again etc.  So great to want to go back on the metabolic balance plan again!

Mike, High Wycombe

December 2013 – rapidly approaching 19½ stone, heart scare, unable to play golf due to knee problems, lack of energy, continual heartburn and indigestion and suffering from non-stop colds. A really depressing period, and I had started to diet – but it was not really working. Roll on to February 2015, weight now just under 17 stone, fat% down from 32 to 27.5, BMI down from 41 to 35.5, Fat Mass down from 6st 2lbs to 4st 13lbs. Also now have more energy, no indigestion, have the all clear from Cardiac Specialist and now play golf each week! Plus I am now able to play with the grandchildren much better than before – and I FEEL much better! How come? Well, with a friend, I started working with Jenny Philips at Inspired Nutrition in January 2014 and the rest is history as they say. She is jovial, sensitive, supportive and uses commonsense and logic rather than hectoring to encourage and motivate her charges to get their lives back on the right track. It has not been an easy journey but Jenny has used her practical and in-depth knowledge of the latest nutritional thinking to map the right route for me. She has been a most supportive and understanding companion. With logic and subtlety she is able to balance the discipline needed for the ‘journey’ with the importance and practicalities of having an ‘enjoyable’ life.
If you are concerned about your lifestyle and want to improve it, give Jenny and Inspired Nutrition a go. It won’t do any harm and, who knows, you may be very surprised with the results – I know I have been!

Vic, Iver – a happy and rejuvenated 67 year old!

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