Many people who want to lose weight feel like they have been on a dieting treadmill for years. The most common technique is calorie counting, on the basis that calorie reduction will automatically equal weight reduction. But the human body is so much more sophisticated than this. Even when food is in short supply, you can survive! There is a price though – tiredness, poor health and uncontrollable binge eating as your deprived body fights you to catch up.

The secret of optimal health and a trim figure is to NOURISH your body. Feed it really good, nutritious food and learn the few areas that you need to exert more control and those that you can eat plentifully.

We have worked with many hundreds of people on weight loss and the results can literally change lives. There are two approaches:

1. Metabolic Balance – an amazing German wellness programme which uses a full blood test to determine a precise food plan for you as an individual (not to be confused with the blood type diet). It runs as a fully supported 12 week programme and offers fast and sustainable health improvement and weight loss. Typically, blood pressure lowers, central obesity (tummy fat) is markedly reduced and energy is increased (metabolic rate increases).

Read more here About Metabolic Balance

2. Individual weight loss coaching – this utilises our skills in weight loss coaching to support you with making long term changes to your eating plan. It can be as flexible as you need it to be. Typically clients have an introductory session and most then engage in 3 session blocks with appointments spaced by 2- 4 weeks as required.

It is possible to switch into Metabolic Balance at any stage in this process.

“Having tried many diets…Jenny suggested the Metabolic Balance programme as the answer. That was 25 days ago – the change has been nothing short of miraculous… my eczema has nearly gone, no asthma attacks and I have lost 19lb to boot. I have more energy than I have had in years and am starting to feel really well. It is not just the programme that is so fantastic though, it is the support, help and interest that I am receiving form Jenny…What more could you ask for?”

“Before starting with Jenny I was a chronic yo yo dieter…with a very bad attitude to food… Since working with Jenny, I have lost a stone and half and kept it off. I was 44 years old when I started but my metabolic age was 57. I am now 37 years! I have such energy for life. I wake up at 6am in the morning and am ready for the day. I keep going all day, without having sluggish periods or dips in energy and am ready for bed at 10.30am. But most of all I have learnt that food is fuel for the body and should be enjoyed as a pleasure, not be viewed in a guilty way. ”

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