What’s a Clean Living Day?

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It’s simply your most healthy, informative, fun and life-enhancing experience – the new beginning for vitality and a fresh approach to your diet and lifestyle. Situated in the rolling Chiltern Hills, just 30 minutes from London, the day is based in a stunning listed private house.

Set in this fabulous location, a small group of like-minded people come together for a perfect health day. We combine interactive workshops with exercise, yoga and a delicious lunch – giving you headspace, intelligent conversation and motivation so that you can feel a million dollars.

“The whole day was a wonderful experience”

“Thank you so much for an amazing day, I loved every minute of it”

“A perfect learning, relaxing & enjoyable experience”


Next up: Feeling good in every way: the low down on brain health

Your brain is amazing! It is the master controller of your body, not just with responsibility for your voluntary actions such as moving around, speaking to people and filling in tax returns, but all the basic things that we tend not to think about. Our lungs breathe, our eyes blink and our heart beats – many, many times every minute of each day.

This workshop will show you how to future proof your brain health, and as a result also impact on your overall wellbeing & vitality.

It draws on exciting new research from the US with Prof Dale Bredesen, who is reversing early cognitive decline in 90% of his patients using a combination of good nutrition & lifestyle management, alongside medication. This is good news, because it also means that we can have a strategy for prevention of age related brain degeneration.

Professor Bredesen likens chronic disease to a leaky roof with dozens of holes. No one thing, such as a medication, will fix all the holes and the roof will still leak. But a multi factoral approach seeks to assess the underlying root causes to the pathology of the disease and plug as many holes as possible. Read more about the Bredesen approach here.


Just eight places are available and the day runs from 9:30am – 4pm. It includes exercise classes and yoga; two health & nutrition workshops, body composition analysis, support with planning health goals and a delicious lunch in a beautiful private home near Hughenden Bucks. Cost £95.

Please book below or get in touch at Jenny@InspiredNutrition.co.uk 

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