We were delighted to invite Sarah from Muddy Stilettos, the urban guide to the countryside, to our Clean Living Days. Read her full review and find out what a day of Clean Living could do for you.

“I like to think that I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle and that I’m well informed about exercise and nutrition. Sure, I could do with more energy, but couldn’t we all? So I confess that I thought this one-day Inspired Nutrition retreat focussing on clean living (9.30am-4pm, £95) would be a slightly indulgent mid-week treat with the couple of yoga sessions, a lovely stroll in the grounds of Hughenden Manor (it takes place in a lovely private house nearby) plus someone cooking a delicious lunch for me. Oh, and a few talks about nutrition that I  thought wouldn’t teach me much that I didn’t know already. Well that’ll teach me to be judgemental…”

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