Welcome to our online yoga page

At the moment we are offering all of our yoga classes online, although we’re hopeful that a hybrid model of local classes plus online will be an option in the future. The exciting thing is that this gives flexibility to deliver more choice and classes to you.

To join you will need to download a software app called Zoom, which is free to use from your end. All you need to do is connect from a link I will send you and boom! We’re online together.
I go online 10 mins before class for a little social chit chat and to welcome you. You enter via a waiting room, and are then clicked in to the group.
There are two ways to view the class – gallery or speaker mode – see the images above. You can toggle between the two views, just take your cursor to the top of your page to see this.
Do check out the top tips to the left prior to starting your class.
Look forward to you joining us!
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