Over the course of Frank’s journey to super health, he has Lost 69lbs (just shy of 5 stone), reduced blood pressure medication and learnt a sustainable way to eat healthily.

Frank has a history of dieting and joined Inspired Nutrition 2 years ago with his wife Diane. Together they embraced our Health Transformation programme and noticed significant improvements in energy. The weight loss was mostly all fat, as their new diet was rich in wholesome and nutritious foods, and very generous in respect of portions. This protects the metabolic rate and so weight loss is sustainable.

Earlier this summer Frank’s weight had plateaued at 20.5 stone. To accelerate weight loss he now joined the Metabolic Balance programme, an individual eating plan based on a full blood analysis. In the 12 week programme he has lost a further 27lbs through metabolic adjustment, with the result that he has also now eliminated 2 of his 3 blood pressure medications under the direction of his GP.

“The advice and guidance of Jenny Phillips has been outstanding and has enabled me to lose over 20% of my start weight. Her excellent personal advice linked with great knowledge about food and relevant vitamins has been so useful in helping me find a way of eating that is both enjoyable and sustainable in the short and longer term. Value for money is remarkable especially when you relate it to long term health benefits.”

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