In just 12 weeks Michelle has lost 25lbs and reduced her ‘Metabolic Age’ from 59 to 35 years.

Image of Michelle before Metabolic BalanceMichelle after image

Michelle joined the Metabolic Balance programme expecting to lose weight, but in the process she also completely changed the way she looked and felt. In response she has been promoted at work and is now benefitting from good energy levels throughout the day,and a completely sustainable way of healthy eating.

Read her Metabolic Balance experience here:

“I heard about Metabolic Balance from a TV programme and what got me interested in finding out more was that Metabolic Balance was not a fad diet but a healthy eating plan with a lifestyle change – eating 3 proper meals a day and all very healthy food. After my blood test I was excited to get my individual customised eating plan. I was not disappointed as the selection of food is more than I ever anticipated and I love the choice and variety it brings me.

Within the first week I noticed a significant change in my body and could feel the weight coming off at once. I now feel absolutely wonderful and healthy. My skin is radiant and I am full of energy. I find that I no longer have cravings and low dips for sugar mid afternoon. Jenny explained to me very clearly about the 4 different phases of Metabolic Balance programme so I knew what to expect before I started. She explained to me what happens when we eat and why we sometimes get different cravings. Jenny is very friendly and approachable and whenever I have had any queries she is there to help me. She is motivating and encourages me to keep on doing well.

The Metabolic Balance programme suits me very well as it is easy to follow with measuring portions and gives me a choice and I feel in control of what I can eat. It has brought lots of variety of fruit and vegetables into my diet that I thought I would never eat regularly and it has brought out my creative side in creating new recipes. I now make the time to sit down and enjoy my food and I savour every mouthful of the wonderful flavours and colours that my healthy food brings me. I’m now allowed a treat meal once a week and I know I can confidently eat what I like for this without putting weight on but I find that I am wanting to keep to healthy choices anyway and now my stomach is smaller I no longer want the larger portions that I previously had.

I will certainly be continuing and following the main rules now I have reached my target weight and will adopt the Metabolic Balance philosophy in my daily life. Especially as I keep getting compliments to how fantastic I am looking – that is motivation to keep going. I would definitely recommend Metabolic Balance to everyone for health”

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