Food habits are learnt through the generations from our parents and grandparents. The modern travesty is that, for a blip in time, many of us have lost the connection with preparing and cooking fresh foods, and the health of the nation is paying a price.

The Willow is a new concept based in Kingston Upon Thames that takes health care into the local community. The group took over a previously run down public house and lavishly refurbished it to provide a fresh and modern setting. They offer 3 key services – a fabulous restaurant, an integrative health clinic utilising functional (root cause) medicine & nutrition and a learning zone. What a marvelous combination!

The restaurant will be the first port of call for many people locally. Fresh ingredients have been carefully sourced and cooking methods maintain nutrient density. Trans fats are minimised – frying uses coconut oil which is stable at high temperatures. The menu is gluten free and offers a good range of delectable dishes. The needs of a wide variety of (healthy) diets can be met – paleo, low carb, vegetarian, FODMAPs (a therapeutic diet) and vegan.

Enticed by the tasty dishes, including some amazing gluten free desserts, diners may then be enticed into the learning zone. A fitted kitchen area provides the space to launch a range of cooking courses. By showing how easy it is to take good food up a level it is hoped that more people will be motivated to take home recipes and ideas to their families.

Finally, for those with ongoing health concerns, the integrative clinic provides a range of modalities including chiropractor, podiatry, nutrition, functional medicine and more.

If you live around the Kingston area, or fancy a drive out to somewhere new, then you might like to drop in and try for yourself:

We believe the dinner plate is the foundation to better health. That’s why we promote the ethos of ‘Food as Medicine’. Locally sourced, ‘real’ food that uses cooking methods to maintain nutritional integrity, alongside a bar with a difference that serves gluten-free beers & ciders, organic, biodynamic low-sulphite wines & homemade infused spirits that will leave you planning your next visit before you’ve left.

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